Lego Corrin's Folly, Peel

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1294 days ago
Lego model of Corrin’s folly in Peel, Isle of Man. It’s not very exciting and looks quite simple to make, thought I would build it as part of my Isle of Man Lego project! Corrin’s Tower, also known as Corrin’s Folly, is four stories high. Much of the inside is taken up with a pillar set in the centre of the building, It starts out square on the ground floor, but goes more round as it moved up through the floors to the roof. Memorial tablets of stone as well as inscriptions on the walls, mark the ground and first floor with memories of departed Corrins’. Thomas Corrin often stayed on the third floor reading by a small fireplace. The windows on the east side of the tower, first, second and third floors are blocked up, due to complains that ships were mistaking the tower light for the Peel water break light. Check out for more models and many more to come!
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